Dog TrainerOwned and operated by Tarheel Canine Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Ray and Bridget Murphy, Koru K9′s mission is to teach dog owners how to understand, communicate and work with their dogs to resolve training challenges and serious behavior problems. We work with all breeds…any dog, any problem.

In-Home Dog Training Services

Initial Consultation & Training Session
This is the first step to training a better-behaved dog. We will meet with you and your dog, conduct a detailed interview about your dog’s history and behavior, clarify your training goals and assess your dog’s behavior. You can expect to see results after this first session. Based on the results of this meeting, your dog will either move on to our Obedience Series or Behavior Modification Series.

Behavior Modification Sessions
After the Initial Consultation, we will work with you and your dog privately in 60-90 minute training sessions. We believe that no dog is beyond rehabilitation. These private dog training sessions address all forms of unwanted or unsafe behavior including leash reactivity, aggression, food or resource Guarding, anxiety and fear issues. Click here for more information…

Obedience Training Series
Do you dream of a dog that will come when called (reliably), sit on command or stay patiently at your feet while you are at brunch? Then our Obedience Series is for you. After the Initial Consultation, we will work with you and your dog privately in 60-90 minute training sessions. Click here for more information…

Puppy Training

Our Puppy 101 Program
Depending on the age of your dog, this will consist of in-home lessons and/or socialization field trips to give your puppy the best start to his new life with you. We will help prepare for your puppy’s homecoming or start lessons after your puppy is home with you and help you choose appropriate puppy supplies. This early intervention will teach you how to prevent common problems many puppy owners make as well as the foundations of obedience. Puppy 101 is 4 Sessions and is tailored to make your first month with your new best friend a success. Click here for more information…

Walk + Train Dog Walk: Individual

Too busy to walk your dog?
There are plenty of group dog walkers in San Francisco, but not many that walk your dog privately. Our Individual Dog Walk and Train is geared to the busy professional who wants more for their dog than just a romp on the beach. We will spend 45 minutes walking your dog and working on basic obedience. Click here for more information…

Experience a better life with your dog...unleash their inner potential.

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